Our progressive lenses

Please read the simplest description of the offered multifocal glasses. Still not sure which is right for you? Take a photo and send us your prescription, we will call you and advise you. Progressive lenses - our vision is modern way of selling and ground glass.

First-time user

These progressive lenses are a suitable ophthalmic device especially for the age category over 40 years. For the user who used the glasses separately into the distance and near.

1,49 HMC Progressive (corridor 10, 12,14) – quality progressive lenses with double-sided hardening. Suitable for lower dioptres. Recommended for casual wear. Their use requires increased care. Price 80€ vat inc.

1,56 HMC Progressive (corridor 10,12,14) – hardened progressive lenses made by  using state-of-the-art technology with medium thinning index. The hardened anti-graffiti layer guarantees extra scratch resistance. Multiple antireflex significantly improves contrast vision. The special EMI layer reflects electromagnetic radiation from computer screens and televisions, protecting eyes from fatigue and pain. Hydrophobic treatment repels water and impurities. Price 120€ vat inc.

1,60 HMC Progressive (corridor 10,12,)  – high quality progressive lenses contain anti-scratch layer, multiple antireflex, EMI layer, superhydrophobic treatment.  Lens  is thinner than 1.56 so it extends the field of vision. Natural and fast adaptation is very suitable for first – time users. The best way to start using progressive lenses. Price 150€ vat inc.

All-day user

Suitable for the age category over 50, for users who already have the experience of using progressive glasses.

1.60 HMC Progressive (Corridor 14, 16) – high quality lens includes a double-sided anti-scratch layer, multiple antireflex, EMI layer, superhydrophobic finish. The lens is thinner than the 1.56 index, so it is expanding the field of vision and thereby creating natural and rapid adaptation. It has larger corridors, so it is suitable for glasses with large eyecups. Price 150€ vat inc.

1.67 HMC Progressive (Corridor 10, 12, 14) –  suitable for first-time users and more demanding users of second multifocal glasses. The quality lens includes a double-sided anti-scratch layer, multiple antireflex, EMI layer, superhydrophobic finish. The lens is thinner than 1.60 index, so it has an extremely wide field of view, natural and rapid adaptation. Price 180€ vat inc.


Demanding user

No age limit. The best quality product with all the special finishes is suitable for demanding users.

1.70 HMC Progressive (corridor 10,12,14) – high-index lens with high quality finishes, significantly thinned. EMI finish, superhydrophobic finish, CC – HMC antireflex, CéfirClean antireflex, SuperDurcap extra durable hardening. It expands the field of vision, thereby creating a natural and rapid adaptation. It is suitable for all types of users. Price 200€ vat inc.

1.74 HMC Progressive (corridor 10,12,14) – high-index revolutionary lens made using state-of-the-art technology. Neutralizes the radiation of digital devices, helps to perceive colors naturally, sharply, without distortion, prevents fatigue and eye damage. EMI finish, superhydrophobic finish, CC-HMC antireflex, CéfirClean self-cleaning antireflex, SuperDurcap extra durable, all in one lens. By purchasing spectacle lenses you will get the most technologically advanced lenses ever which are available on the Slovak market. Natural and fast adaptation is commonplace. Price 220€ vat inc.

Photochromic Progressive 1,60 (corridor 10,12,14) – phototropic lens brown / gray with complete finish – EMI finish, superhydrophobic finish, CC – HMC antireflex, self-cleaning CéfirClean antireflex, SuperDurcap extra durable. The darkening rate corresponds to the sixth generation of phototropic lenses. Great price / quality / utility ratio. Price 180€ vat inc.

Progressive Polarization Lenses 1.60 (corridor 10, 12, 14) – provide the highest possible eye protection against sunlight. Thanks to the efficient polarizing filter they don’t leak the disturbing  reflections and reflections from the glass and water surfaces, the reflection of the setting sun on the road  etc.  The durable high-quality antireflex ensures increased visual contrast and color enhancement. UV filter protects eyes from harmful UV radiation. Extra hardening provides protection from scratches and premature wear of lenses. Available in brown and dark gray design. Price 220€ vat inc.