Progressive lenses for lower prices

Else as in optical shop

Price from 2020 Kč, discount 70%

To buy progressive glasses is often very expensive and complicated. Complicated because it is necessary to measure not only PD – pupil distance, but also the value of the corridor – the distance from the pupil to the edge of the frame (unless they are both known values, you will not see correctly). Not only do we measure everything you need, but you get progressive lenses with a great discount. We’ve simplified the buying process to the maximum. Take photo of your prescription from an ophthalmologist (or prescription / ticket from optics) by smartphone, then open this page in your smartphone, press the button below and send us a photo of the prescription. Or just send the message I HAVE INTEREST with your phone number. We will contact you the next business day at the latest, we will discuss the procedure and we will choose the right progressive lenses – just as you would be in an optical shop.

Do you need also new frames? No problem. We’ll send them to you to try.

That is all! Your progressive glasses are on their way. Our vision is to sell progressive lenses easily and modernly.

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Happy customers

Alena W., 52 r.:

Everything was easy, though I was worried – I am not the best in using my phone. I took the prescription, sent it and they called me the next day. I was satisfied with their willingness to advise, they did not push me into the most expensive progressive lenses ,  they recommended me the most suitable for me. They explained exactly what to do and how to do it. I put everything together in 10 minutes. I would need maybe more than two hours to go to an optical shop. And the prices are incomparable. I am satisfied.”

Martin D., 44 r.:

Progressive lenses and e-shop, I thought it was impossible. I was wrong, progressive lenses can be sold over the internet. Of course you have to have sales logistics to do this and this e-shop seems to have it. I work in a multinational company, plus I’m an IT engineer, so I know how it works. This e-shop will probably have an ambition to expand to other countries. Congratulations!”

Eva Š., 46 r.:

The prices were really great, I didn’t want to believe, so I sent my prescription just to find out the real conditions. With this information, I visited two optical shops and the prices were much higher everywhere. So I decided to buy progressive glasses over the internet and I do not regret it. At least this e-shop has a well organized sale, can answer any questions. Maybe I was lucky to come across a qualified and pleasant person, maybe they’re all like that. All I can add – thank you. ”

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Jozef Š., 59 r.:

I thank this company for the progressive glasses they made me. I found them on the internet so I contacted them. I was surprised by their helpfulness and attitude. The fact that glasses can be made through their website has surprised me. I sent them photos following the instructions and the eye prescription – and the glasses they made me are perfect, they fit me well and I can see through them. Glass discount was 50%, so I am very satisfied with the price. I wish you, your customers are always satisfied.”

multifokalni bryle a multifokalni skla